Andy Frank's tribute to Tazlure

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Andy Frank's tribute to Tazlure

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Many thanks go to Andy, who posted this to our facebook community. I'm putting it here so others can enjoy it as well:
Andy Frank wrote:To all my dear Tazlure friends: I have come a long way with music composition since 2007, and I finally feel up to the task of making a Symphonic Poem about Tazlure. It is called "Overture for Tazlure" and it should be finished sometime tonight or tomorrow. It'll be about eight minutes long. I've been working on it for about a week now, and I think I'll finally be able to express to you all just how incredibly central Tazlure was to the upbringing of my creativity and imagination.

The movements are:

The Fleets from World's Mouth
March of Dominicus
Open Roads
Song of Taquar
The Kanthrop Isles
King Balthasar
Pomp in the Citadel
One Foot in the Aether
Theme for Tazlure
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Re: Andy Frank's tribute to Tazlure

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Andy is such a boss.
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