Questions regarding replacement character

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Kindaira Wexler
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Questions regarding replacement character

Post by Kindaira Wexler »

Trying to make my replacement character since Paige Skiewynd is no more. Any suggestions as far as what I can do for an occupation goes? I am starting this one in the Citadel. If that isn't possible because that was where Paige started, then I will look elsewhere. The wiki seems to be down so I am unable to access it to clear up my confusion.
Anywho, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :D
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Post by Meridiuz »

Strange, the wiki is working here and I believe it has been working for other users.

To answer your questions, you can start her out in the Citadel, that is no problem. Just make her a little different. We like to see our replacement pc's to be different, not the same pc with a different name. For the rest, anything is possible. What kind of occupations would you be interested in?
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